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Gambling in Texas could soon expand

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Texas - Slot machines and casinos could soon be a reality in Texas.

In the past, efforts to expand gambling have always stalled in the legislature.

One reason is because tribes, tracks and casinos have not been able to come to an agreement on a bill.

Proponents say until the industry can agree, it's not worth pouring millions of dollars into a lobbying effort.

There are several proposed bills including; allowing poker in bingo halls and racetracks, letting voters decide on legalizing eight-liners and allowing a limited number of resort casinos in the state.

Advocates say gambling would bring new revenue, thousands of jobs, billions in investments and millions of tourists who have been drifting off to Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

But social conservatives continue to argue that if they are looking for revenue, its not going to come out of the people who can least afford it.

They also say gambling bankrupts the poor.

To pass a gambling bill, it would take the support of two-thirds of both chambers and voter approval in a statewide referendum.