Five More Families File Suit in Connection With Deadly Train Accident

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

More families have joined a lawsuit tied to November's deadly train accident in Midland. An accident in which four people died and several others were hurt.

The lawsuit blames Smith Industries and Union Pacific Railroad for the tragedy.

But it looks like the railroad isn't going down without a fight.

They've filed their own cross claim.

Bob Pottroff and Kevin Glasheen had already announced they were representing two families injured in the accident but now five more families have jumped on board.

Some of those families include, Shane and Meg Ladner, from Atlanta, Georgia. She's still hospitalized after she lost her leg at the hip.

Along with the family of Joshua Michael, who was one of the veterans killed in the crash.

Some of the families claim they were physically injured in the accident while others say they're suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawsuit blames Smith Industries because it was their vehicle and their employee who was driving the parade float.

The lawsuit also blames Union Pacific, claiming the crossing didn't give enough of a warning time.

But Union Pacific has filed a cross-claim against Smith Industries, meaning if they're forced to pay up, so should Smith Industries.

Union Pacific is also expected to name the City of Midland, Midland County and Show of Support organizers as responsible third parties.

A trial has been set for April 14 of 2014 in regards to the family's lawsuit.

It will be held in a Midland courtroom.

A separate lawsuit has been filed in Dallas on behalf of two veterans that were also killed in the crash.