Concealed Handgun License Courses in High Demand

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - After the Aurora, Colorado, and Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, it seems more people are looking into ways to better protect themselves, such as learning from a professional how to properly shoot a weapon in any type of environment.

Michael Porter, lead instructor of Tactical Response Resources, says in recent months they have seen an increase in individuals seeking their services.

"The increase has been pretty large, normally our classes in the weekend were 10 people, we've had to actually add Sunday classes in. We're training about 40 people a weekend right now," Porter said

Porter has been an instructor for three years and he says recent events have opened the eyes of West Texans to learn how to better protect themselves.

"People are nervous, nervous about their personal safety and most people are starting to take that responsibility pretty seriously and starting to understand that the police are not there to protect you. The police are there to respond, your protection is your responsibility and so people come to us because they want to learn how to protect themselves, their families and loved ones," Porter said.

Not only is a target stand used for training, but terrain is used as well, Porter says they offer more than just the concealed handgun licensing course.

"We do rifle training, give them defensive plans for their home, taught them a little bit more, closed quarters battle, which is inside a house fighting, things of that nature. We work with them on how to use less than lethal things like tasers, pepper sprays, batons that kind of stuff," Porter said.

Tactical Response Resources hasn't just seen an increase in individuals interested in knowing how to properly use a firearm but companies are seeking their services as well.

"We do quite a bit of teaching in a corporate setting, some companies want that as a company like a privacy issue they want to know that their employees are okay. You don't have armed security you are not armed with that, you can provide it for yourself, you can learn that then you take that responsibility for your protection and work from there," Porter said.

Porter says he feels a sense of gratification knowing he has trained people to properly use a handgun if needed.