Odessa City Council to Discuss Possible Ordinance Banning Synthetic Drugs

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Odessa City Council will look into a possible ordinance banning synthetic drugs after residents presented a petition asking for the ban last month.

According to their agenda, Council members will be briefed on a synthetic drug ordinance before their regular meeting on Tuesday.

You might remember, an online petition was created to ban the fake drugs in December.

At the time, the petition had 150 signatures but the petition creators were aiming for 1,000.

City Manager Richard Morton told NewsWest 9, this kind of ban is hard to enforce because it can only outlaw certain types of synthetic drugs.

He says if just one of the chemicals is changed, all of a sudden it's something new and can't be touched by the law but it's still possible.

The State of Florida passed a bill back in March that not only bans synthetic drugs but also stays current with any changes made to them.