Local Church Helps Those In Need of Groceries

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The need for donations is peaking in some parts of the Basin. The Westview Church of God were handing out food for those in need of groceries.

Vivian Lopez has three energetic boys, she comes to Westview to pick up food.

"They've been helping me out for this past few months and they've been helping me out a lot. I come here every other Sunday with them to get food," Lopez said.

It's a ministry that started just by giving out loafs of bread and then spread something more to help the needy.

"It's very important to our heart, it's what we feel the Lord would want us to do," Matthew Jones, Pastor of Westview Church of God, said.

Pastor Jones came together with the West Texas Food Bank and together they feed about 25 to 30 families a week.

"We wanted to be able to give people meals that they can actually eat and things that are nutritious and we are able to give them three or four portions of meat. Enough to make four meals," Jones said.

The message of faith is passed on through their acts of kindness. Jones said even though the local economy may be booming, there's alot of people that slip through the cracks. Those who are the elderly on a fixed income, the disabled or those who can't work in the oilfields.

"The wages aren't real high, she may not be able to work in the oilfield, but the rent and the cost of living went up so much, a lot of people even though they're working hard, they just can't, they don't have enough money for food. So I believe the need is great," Jones said.

And that resonates with Vivian and her family.

"I have low income and it's not enough. It pays my bills but it's still not alot of money to pay for the groceries," Lopez said.

She says if it wasn't for the church to provide the food, she wouldn't know how she been able to feed her family.

The church also helps out the homeless with blankets, which they need, and food. They also urge resident donate food through the West Texas Food Bank. They are also in need volunteers, you can help on Sunday's from 3pm-5pm at the Church located at 2105 N. Moss Ave, Odessa, TX. You can contact them at (432) 978-7233.