Many Celebrate Gun Appreciation Day at Gun Show

Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Just two days before President Obama's inauguration and several gun rights groups deemed Saturday as "Gun Appreciation Day."

Locally, many celebrated by going to the gun show at the Ector County Coliseum.

"People are going nuts, trying to buy everything that they can," Richard Cotte, a custom gun dealer, told NewsWest 9.

Barn "G" was jam packed with a good mix of people; young, old, men and a lot of women.

"There's been a lot of women out, just for self defense purposes," Gun Dealer, Kim Samson, said.

Most of the people NewsWest 9 spoke to say they were there to prove a point to the president.

"I feel it's my right as a citizen, it's what this country was founded on, so I think we should be able to keep our guns," Cotte said.

"It's been a big deal between my husband and I. He's really concerned about not being able to get guns anymore," Carmen Lowe, a teacher at ECISD, said.

Some of the more popular guns of the day were automatic assault riffles.

"Mostly the ARs that they're looking for, and the AK-47s, because they figure there's going to be a huge ban on them, so might as well get them now," Cotte said.

Samson was also selling shirts that had quotes about gun rights.

"(It's) to remind people that we need to do something and be a loud voice for what we stand for and believe in," she said.

No matter who we talked to, the sentiment was the same.

"It's not the guns or the amount of rounds, it's the individual behind it," Cotte said, "The gun is nothing more than a tool."