Lamesa High School Trainer Suspended After Using School Blog to Post His Opinions

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

LAMESA - A Lamesa high school trainer has been suspended after he used the school blog to post his controversial opinions.

Ray McCall, also known as "Doc," was suspended this week for five days with pay.

We're told the school board made the unanimous decision.

In the blog, McCall speaks about a black player that was called the "N-word" at a football game.

That player lashed out by attacking the name caller.

In the blog, McCall says it's reverse racism for black people to call each other the name but not allow whites to say it.

In the post, he also says the player should be ashamed to be black.

The temporary suspension has much of the community upset over what they're calling a paid vacation.

We're told the boy's mother has reached out to civil rights organizations.