Tall City Roller Betties Going Strong In Their Third Year

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- They are for sure, one of a kind feminine but at the same time rough and tough.

We are talking about the Tall City Roller Betties, a roller derby league that's been going strong for three years but it seems each year they get more ladies wanting to join.

Elizabeth Lawson, President of the League, explains why this rough and tough sport is ideal for women.

"For women, a lot of the times the family is very important and it's all about giving to everybody else and I think this gives them an opportunity to have something for themselves," Lawson said.

Although these women are tough and very competitive in the ring, almost all hold a professional title. Some are receptionists, teacher's and even CFO's, such is the case of Tina South.

"I am a CFO of an oil company," South said.

It is a competitive sport, injuries are a dime a dozen. They can range from broken ankles to broken legs.

"In Oklahoma, I broke my left ankle and then I came back about a month an a half and I was playing at the fair, it got a little aggressive then I broke my right ankle. I had to have surgery, had to have screws and plates on one ankle," South said.

Most of the Roller Bettie's agreed that not only does this sport build friendships it also helps them in their stress levels.

"A very good stress reliever and then the girls, it's just like a big family," South said.

"Mellow and relaxed, you get to be and making new friends, it becomes a family," Lawson said.

Their first game will be held on February 23rd at the CAF main hangar. Tickets are $10 dollars at the door and kids 10 and younger are free and you will need to take your own chair. If you want to more information on The Tall City Roller Betties, you can visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tallcityrollerbetties.