Midland Fire Department Inundated With 911 Calls Reporting Flu-Like Symptoms

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Midland Fire Department tells NewsWest 9 they've been inundated with 911 calls from patients who think they've got the flu.

MFD's John Hamilton says, "Our emergency medical resources are strained."

Hamilton tells us that just two months ago, only about 5% percent of calls were for patients with flu-like symptoms.

Now, roughly 25% of calls are for patients with flu-like symptoms.

"It's a big jump. 25% is a lot," Hamilton said.

Callers, we're told, often believe they'll get in with a doctor faster by calling 911.

"They're not going to be seen any sooner by coming in by ambulance. They'll be seen according to the severity of their illness," Hamilton said.