14-Year-Old Crashes Vehicle Into Midland Building

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - He's just 14-years-old but he's in a world of trouble. That teen was behind the wheel of an SUV, that not only caused a car crash which lead to a chase, he ended up plowing through an automotive shop on Wednesday.

Bricks are scattered all over the place after a 14-year-old boy plunged into E & R Automotive, making a mess but also making a long lasting impression. As the Excursion was pulled out of the rubble, a big hole remained at the shop on North Terrell Street. Paramedics were immediately called out.

"There was a gentleman inside the building that was transported for a minor injury," Police who was on the scene, said.

The 14-year-old boy was also rushed to Midland Memorial Hospital. Police say the teen ran into the back of another car near Kansas and Lamesa Road and as he was trying to get away at high speeds, lost control and crashed.

"Processes of fleeing from the first crash, the victims in the first crash were following the suspects. At that point, the suspects vehicle, due to the speed, left the roadway and struck and entered a building," police said.

The Excursion almost made it through the other side of the building because of how fast it was going. Police say the car wasn't stolen, however, the teen was driving without a license or a permit and two other adults were inside with the teen.

The crash leaves behind a big headache for the owner of the car shop. Witnesses on scene say they wanted to get their cars out of there.

"It appears one additional vehicle was inside the building was damaged," police said.

The people involved in the first crash were not injured. The teen was later arrested and faces failure to stop when involved in a crash from the first accident and he's also facing aggravated assault charges for the second crash.

The other man rushed to the hospital was the owner of the shop and is expected to be ok.