State Attorney General Visits Midland, Addresses Position on Gun Control

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was in the Basin on Wednesday to speak at the Midland County Republican Women's Luncheon, held at the Petroleum Club.

Among several topics discussed was that of gun control. He tells NewsWest 9 that he believes liberal politicians are exploiting the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, using it to push their own gun control agenda.

Abbott, a Republican, says restricting guns has proven to be an ineffective solution. He explains that right to bear arms was settled more than 200 years ago when it was made a part of the Bill of Rights.

"We're very concerned about the president over-exercising limitations on his executive powers," Abbott said.

He adds he's also concerned that the president may try to overreach second amendment rights through the use of his executive power.

"If he violates either of those two principles we're going to seriously consider legal action," Abbott said.

The Attorney General returned to Austin shortly after his brief appearance in Midland.