As The Tall City Grows, More Traffic Signals May Be Needed

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - More people, means cars are on the streets. You might have noticed the traffic in some intersections has increased and in the new developments, where there are no traffic signals, to some it's become a problem.

"Naturally, as the city grows there is a need for additional traffic control devices, and yes that can be traffic signals at the major intersections," City of Midland Transportation Manager, Gary Saunders, said.

Saunders says there is no immediate need to add more traffic signals in the Tall City but they are currently looking at some areas that could be in need of some in the near future.

"There are locations for example Mockingbird and Holiday Hill Road. We will be looking at that as that project moves down the road," Saunders said.

Before they can put up a new traffic signal around town, many things have to be taken into consideration.

"We look at volume, we look at the accident histories and we'll look at the close proximity of schools and cost. There is a lot of variations we look at," Saunders said.

However, traffic signals is not the only thing the Midland Transportation Department is installing.

"We are continually adding stop signs. We are getting new subdivisions and as we get them we get the plats, we start doing studies in those locations, establishing the major streets and then going ahead and establishing stop signs" Saunders said.

Scott Pyle, Traffic Supervisor for the City of Midland says, they plan to add more cameras to let them know what are some contributing factors that are adding to the traffic congestion.

"With the pan, tilt, zoom cameras, the more we add, the more intersections we can actually look at from inside our Transportation Management Center. We can use it to look at several intersections up and down from one camera to be able to tell if the traffic flow is there, if there is a reason the traffic is slowed down," Pyle said.