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Ector County ISD Not Considering Teachers Carry Guns on School Campuses

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A month ago, the nation was shaken by the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. The shooting triggered concerns and NewsWest 9 has reported strong opinions about whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed gun on campuses and that is not the stance at the moment at one local school district.

At the Ector County Independent School Administration Building there's a sign that says, concealed handguns prohibited. It's also visible at schools district wide and school officials say it's going to stay like that for now.

Many residents say guns in the hands of educators and administrators will apparently better protect students at local schools but getting that idea passed by school officials is going to take alot more than just stating it.

"It will take alot from the community. We have to know that support is there and not just from a small group, it's got to be community wide and there has to be some consensus on it too," ECISD Spokesperson, Mike Adkins, said.

According to Adkins, there have been individuals bringing the idea to them of training teachers so they can obtain a concealed handgun license at no charge, however, it's not something they are considering.

"Right now at this moment in time, that's not something we're interested in taking a look at. There are a lot of different scenarios where things could be bad, could turn bad and that sort of things. In that situation you're introducing, guns onto the campus setting already. There's a lot of discussion and a long process that would have to take place before we get to the point of really seriously considering it and becoming something like the school board would vote on," Adkins said.

Adkins says the topic hasn't even come up in the couple of school board meetings that have taken place since school went back into session. But if there's a big enough feel in the community for it, then it'll be on the agenda.

"If the community has a lot of support for that and it becomes an issue, then yes it's something we want to look at but only at the wishes of the community and there are strong feelings on both sides right now, so it's not an easy thing and it's not something that would happen right away," Adkins said.

The district has it's own campus police and Adkins said they have joined forces with local law enforcement agencies to patrol around campuses.

"Not just ECISD officers who would stop and make rounds, other law enforcement officers will park in front of the school, get out, walk the halls and be more seen, be visible, we've increased that rotation," Adkins said.

Another idea tossed around is allowing armed volunteer Veterans patrol schools, that concept is also not in the works with the school district.

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