Adoptions Decline Nationally, Increase Regionally

by Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Russia closing their doors to American adoptions, combined with fewer American kids being in the foster system, adoptions are declining in much of the nation.  But here in West Texas, that is not the case.

There has been big increases in both private adoptions and foster care.

"That program itself has increased, and we also provide the ability to adopt through the foster care system through the state of Texas. That program has seen a pretty significant increase," De'An Davis, the foster care and adoption director at Buckner Children's Home in Midland, said.

The majority of the increase is due to the economy in the area.

"West Texas itself presents a lot of things that are not common nationally," Davis said.

The influx is a trend that has been steady over the past three years. As far as numbers go, Davis told NewsWest 9 they have about five dozen kids in their care a month.

While West Texas is seeing an increase in adoptions, they are still having to relocate hundreds of kids in the foster system across the state.

"We send over 50% of our foster care population out of our area, because there's simply not enough resources," she said. "The goal is always to try to keep them locally, in an environment they are familiar with, even if they cant be with their biological family."

Buckner expects the trend of increased adoptions to continue.

"We have already identified that we will have at least the same amount of children that were successfully adopted last year, this year, already and it's just January," Davis explained.