President Obama Signs Enhanced DNA Collection Act Into Law

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A huge victory for two Carlsbad, New Mexico, parents after their daughter was brutally murdered 10 years ago.

On Thursday, President Obama signed into law the Enhanced DNA Collection Act, also known as "Katie's Law."

The law will provide funding for states to implement DNA collection for felony arrests.

The law was born in 2003 when Katie was raped, strangled and set on fire.

Her killer was later caught because DNA evidence was found underneath her fingernails.

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall, who introduced the piece of legislation, says all of the credit goes to Katie's parents.

"I'm just elated about the good work that the parents have done. Katie's parents have dedicated their lives to making sure their daughter's murder resulted in meaningful action. They took all that agony and pain and put it into some very positive action. And yesterday's bill signing is a credit to their work and determination," Udall said.

The law requires the Department of Justice to cover 100 percent of the state's first year cost of implementing the program.