Truck Driver No-Billed in Connection With November Train Crash

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A Midland County Grand Jury has returned a no-bill for the driver of the truck involved in the Nov. 15th, 2012 train accident.

Midland County District Clerk Ross Bush tells NewsWest 9 the 385th Judicial Grand Jury has not concluded their review of the incident but there will be no indictments against Dale Wayne Hayden.

Hayden was the man who was driving the truck owned by Smith Industries that was carrying veterans and their spouses when it was hit by a Union Pacific Train during the Show of Support Parade.

Midland County District Clerk, Ross Bush, explained the grand jurors job to NewsWest 9, "The grand jurors are not there to determine guilt or innocence. They're just there to determine whether there's enough evidence to move forward."

The jury will look at this case again in three weeks.

NewsWest 9's Geena Martinez has been covering this story all day.

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