OPD Say Sanchez Case Unusual

Josh Navarro

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Investigators, once again, combed an area off I-20 and West of Moss looking for the body of a missing man. Police tell us they were looking for the body of Rene Sanchez who went missing four and half years ago and are calling this case unusual.

In an active crime scene whenever it happens, investigators have it all there right in front of them. If there's a body, its there, if there's weapons involved, its at the crime scene. But in this case, with the latest tip they received from the suspect in the case, investigators are facing a time lapse of four years, a rugged terrain and weather.

"So it's unusual and its one of those you have to go through a fine tooth comb and you know even if its just a small area still you have to be meticulous in it in case if there is something that is left there to give us something," Odessa Police Spokesperson, Sherrie Carruth, said.

Investigators have placed flags to revisit the area later on and have collected some items as evidence but police didn't want to elaborate so they wouldn't compromise this active investigation. Tuesday, police say they haven't found nothing significant that is relevant to the case.

"Right now we are only going based on a general area that he said that he could possibly remember and so we're just checking that out," Carruth said.

OPD investigators were searching for clues hoping to find the body of Rene Sanchez. Their suspect, Miguel Venegas, told them he may have buried the body right off I-20 and West of Moss Avenue nearly four and half years ago. The challenge here is that the evidence is not fresh, the crime scene didn't just happened. Investigators have to walk through the area again and again just to make sure they don't miss a possible chance of finding the body.

"Is there still anything there and if it is, what are we being able to find," Carruth said. "Time has been a factor here, a lot times crime scenes usually tell us what happen versus what a person will tell us, that's why this is a lot different from when your having to go to a scene, where a person could possibly be versus you find a person there."

Because of the weather police won't return to that area Wednesday. They expect to resume their search efforts on Thursday morning.