Long-lost Siblings Reunited at a Texas State Veterans Home

Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

Big Spring - Imagine thinking your sibling was dead, only to find out they live just a few doors down.

It happened to one brother and sister duo, who found each other while living at the Lamun-Lusk Sanchez Texas State Veterans Home.

Last week, Mrs. Esta Allen went outside and struck up a conversation with a new resident

She had walked the halls for four years, thinking her brother was dead.

Allen told us, she just asked the man his name.

"He mentioned his name, Cuthbert, so then we got to talking, and realized he's my brother, " she said.

Mr. Edgar Cuthbert, an Army veteran, hadn't spoken to his sister for more than 20 years.

And Mrs. Allen thought he was dead, so when she finally found him, she was thrilled.

"I got up and hugged him," she said.

When the faculty of the home heard about this, they decided to do something for them.

"For me, I felt real excited for them. I think this is something very special and I just had to plan something for them," said Sandy Martinez, the Director of Activities at the home.

And now the siblings are focused on spending their days, catching up on lost time.

"They're in the same wing, but live in different halls, but they've been visiting everyday, " Martinez said.