Exclusive: House Fire Victim Speaks Out

Exclusive: House Fire Victim Speaks Out

Josh Navarro

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Toys, furniture, and memories, everything gone in a matter of minutes. It's impossible, for most of us, to imagine, but that's the harsh reality for one Odessa woman, after her home went up in flames over the weekend.

"I looked up here and I saw the smoke, white smoke coming out this door way right here. and so ran up here and half of my closet was already on fire I grabbed that bucket I showed you outside and put water and the flames were already coming this way so I left it there and ran down stairs," fire victim, Tina Ponce, said.

The fire that started on Saturday ripped through the master bedroom and most of the second floor of her home. She and her family have been taking their belongs out of the house since so that fire investigators she says can do a thorough investigation. The fire that started in the closet of her bedroom still puzzles her.

"I'm in shock, I just don't understand. I don't know what to say or what to do. I'm like hysterical right now because I don't know, I have to take care of my family," Ponce said.

Heavy fire and smoke damage stain this home. Melted electronics, furniture and toys are among the loss, these are replaceable except for the things that she cherishes the most.

"I lost of my baby pictures all my kids pictures, we have pictures of my husbands kids, those are not replaceable. things I've had for a long time. jewelry, clothes. We had clothes was old we threw out and bought new clothes and it all got burnt," Ponce said.

She says it'll take up to a year to fix the damages of this home. The Red Cross is helping them out and for a few days with a hotel in Midland and they say they are thankful, but after that they don't know what they'll do.

"We have no where to go. This was our home. We've been here for a while if anybody can help us they'll be helping me they'll be helping me and my kids. We'd greatly appreciate it," Ponce said.

She says their thankful that no one was hurt and hope to make it through this hurdle in their life. No word on cause of the fire. If you would like to help this family out call 432-251-9539