Fugitive Escapes Authorities for Third Time

Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's been a very chaotic few days for law enforcement in the Basin.

One fugitive has crossed over three county lines in the past seven days.

First, last week in Martin County, 25-year-old Eric Perez led deputies on a wild goose chase, shot at officers and even tried to run a deputy over.

Then on New Years Day, Perez was pulled over in Midland County, by the airport. When DPS officers pulled Perez out of the car to search it, he took off.

DPS, Midland Police Department and Odessa Police Department all came out to help search for him, but once again he got away.

On Thursday, he was spotted inside Kelly Grimsley Kia in Odessa on Eighth Street. Police arrived and once again the chase was on.

Perez took off on foot and after a couple of hours, the search was called off.

This is frustrating for authorities, especially Martin County Sheriff John Woodward, who said Perez crossed the line.

"As strange as it may sound, you can have your cops and robbers respect for each other but once they cross that line, once he tried to kill one of my guys, the whole game changed," Woodward said.

The sheriff also added whoever is helping Perez could also find themselves in hot water, as well.

"Assisting a fugitive is highly illegal and especially if the fugitive is wanted for a felony. It's an increased violation," he said.