Truckers Brace For Wintry Road Conditions

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- A lot of truckers are hunkering down at trucks stops here in Midland and Odessa. With parts of the Interstate shut down, they're stuck. Tons of them stopped for the night at Warfield Truck Stop off I-20, some talked to NewsWest 9 on how they plan to get through the nasty road conditions.

"This is my first time driving in weather like this. But the only thing you can do is be safe," one truck driver, said.

A parking lot full of semis, truckers spend a good amount of time on the roads and possibly have driven in every type of weather condition. Now that the white stuff may be approaching the area, they are more cautious now.

"Watch your sides, you know, and if you see ice, just slow up," a driver said.

"Just slow down, watch out for hazards, be a safe driver basically," truck driver, Lloyd Pierce, said.

The Texas Department of Transportation geared up months ago for the white stuff to be on the roadways. Even though others may welcome the wintry weather, others rather not take the risk.

"Yea personally I like it. I'd like to see the cold come in, it'll be real nice," Pierce said.

"Driving on the snow, I wont because I never driven in the snow, not in the 18-wheelers. I wont drive in the snow, I'll pull over and call dispatch and say man it's snowing, I'm not going to move. Rather be safe," a truck driver said.

TXDot suggests drivers to:

- Remove snow and ice from your vehicle before you drive
- Maintain your vehicle in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations
- Ensure headlights and tail lights are functioning properly
- Accelerate slowly, drive slowly and observe traffic signs and alerts
- Approach bridges, shaded spots and turns slowly

Something truckers keep in mind as well.

"Just a good pre check and make sure the vehicle is in good running condition and make sure you're good to drive. That's it," Pierce said.