TXDOT, City Prepare for Winter Weather

by Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The winter season may finally come to West Texas, and as always, the main concern is road conditions.

Gene Powell with the Texas Department of Transportation said they've been prepared for winter weather for some time.

"Our preparation started a couple of months ago. We get all of our equipment ready, we stock pile materials that will help prevent ice or help melt ice," Powell said.

TXDOT even has few new tools to make the process easier. You could say they learned from last year, when the area saw nearly 10 inches of snow.

"We do have snow plows now, we haven't had them in the past, so if we get a lot, we don't have to rely on people from the north as much," he said.

The City of Midland has also made preparations.

"We make sure we have brine water available to help melt the snow, and we make sure barricade trailers are ready to go in case we need to block off any roads," Assistant Transportation Manager, Eric Johnson, said.

The city also made sure to have enough man-power.

"We have 37 staffed, and we can pull from other areas and departments if needed," Johnson said.

If we actually do get any snow, both Johnson and Powell ask drivers to use their best judgement.

"We're hoping that people will drive their conditions and we won't see any accidents. People just need to slow down," Powell said.

Johnson added, "We just request that everybody look out for barricades and use caution."