Martin County Sheriff's Office Swears In Deputies, Prepares for Busy Year

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - The Martin County Sheriff's office swore in some new deputies Tuesday at the start of the new year.

This comes after a year full of crimes, and everything else in between, that left the sheriff's office just trying to keep up.

It's been a busy year for Sheriff John Woodward and his deputies.

"Our population's growing, we have new residential areas coming up," Sheriff Woodward said. "It's just expanded with the growth and the economy and everything."

So looking ahead in 2013, the sheriff's office swore in some new deputies to keep up with it all.

"We've got a part-time team that's coming in and helping a lot and able to get a little more visibility out there," Woodward said.

They have six people on part-time duty and four full time deputies. That might seem like more than usual for a community this size but Sheriff Woodward said it's needed.

"We've had a lot more violent crimes just with the increase in activity," he said.

This year, they're trying to be even more proactive than before.

"We're just seeing a lot of outside people come in and some of them good folks and some of them aren't," Sheriff Woodward said. "We're trying to stay ahead of it because it's getting pretty busy.

The sheriff's office is hoping to keep the crime down especially after seeing a new trend in 2012.

"We're dealing with more crimes with weapons involved," Woodward said.

And with a bigger force, they'll focus their attention on highways.

"We've had one of the highest fatality rates as far as counties go in Texas so you know, just getting the accountability out there, getting some officer presence," he said.