Man Still at Large After High Speed Chase in Martin County

by Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - It was the second high speed chase in one week, but this time, the suspect is still at large.

On Thursday night, Martin County Sheriff's deputies were preparing to serve warrants to 25-year-old Eric Perez. Perez was wanted for using fraudulent identities.

But when authorities arrived, Perez ran and nearly killed one of the deputies.

"He was trying to do his job, he's got kiddos like most of us and he was nearly killed," Martin County Sheriff, John Woodward, said.

Since Perez tried to run down a peace officer, he's in even more hot water than before.

"He added a couple of extra felonies, obviously the evading and when he tried to run over a deputy, that's taken pretty serious," Woodward said.

Perez was driving a stolen Chevy Camaro, then took off.

When deputies found the car, Perez was nowhere to be found.

"We believe that he had a contact to pick him up and he was able to get elsewhere," Woodward said.

Whoever is covering up for him could face charges of harboring a fugitive and aiding, which are felony charges.

Even though the deputies were not anticipating a manhunt, Sheriff Woodward said he's proud of how his men handled the situation.

"They did what they needed to do and the main thing is everyone went home. We can catch Perez later," he said.

If you have any information on Perez's whereabouts, you are urged to contact the Martin County Sheriff's Office at 432-756-3336.