Hotel Settles to Soon Light Up the Skies in Big Spring

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Hotel Settles in downtown Big Spring has been closed for 30 years but it was bought six years ago with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. Now with the soft grand opening, the owners have hopes that it will not only revitalize downtown Big Spring but also preserve an important part of its history.

When you first step into the Hotel Settles in downtown Big Spring, you might think you have stepped back in time. The trimming, painting and even furniture has been selected meticulously to bring back the glamour of the 1930's. According to Brint Ryan, owner of Hotel Settles, it was important for him to bring back a one of a kind hotel, not only for Big Spring, but for surrounding areas as well.

"To have something of this quality, to have something that is truly distinct and to preserve one of the most important aspects of our heritage as a community, was very important to me," Ryan said.

Ryan tells NewsWest 9 the 62 bedroom hotel will have a positive impact in Big Spring's economy.

"The significance of this property for Big Spring and for the State of Texas, it's greater than what we had originally estimated so we think it's going to be a draw. We think it's going to be a destination location for people that want to see an example of some very painstaking, very carefully done historical restoration," Ryan said.

A lot of hard work and restoration has been going on at the Hotel Settles, they also plan on making some old phones operational.

"Our management company is incredibly creative and it was their idea to make those old rotary dial phones into house phones, so when the hotel opens, you'll be able to go to the phone booths and you'll be able to dial a room. You won't be able to dial outside but they will be fully working and we are really excited about that," Ryan said.

Ryan says Big Spring residents have something surrounding areas don't have.

"Finally Big Spring has something Midland and Odessa don't have and we think the Settles represents that. We hope that we will reverse some of that traffic flow and we'll have those folks from Midland and Odessa and surrounding communities come to visit the Settles," Ryan said.

On Saturday, the Pharmacy Bar and Parlor will open to the public, while different parts of the hotel will start opening within the next month.

Ryan says they're not finished renovating the hotel but they already have people calling to book events.