Vandals Hit West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A scrooge hit the West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department and did $3,000 dollars worth of damage on Christmas night. Their handy work damaged pipes that pump water to combat brush fires. It's a problem because a dry winter means a fire could spark up at any moment, leaving homes and businesses in jeopardy.

"They got into the compartments in one of my trucks, scattered all of the fittings all on the ground and they turned the water on to another truck, one of our main brush fire fighting trucks," Fire Chief, Jimmy Ellis, said.

Turning the water on after temperatures hitting below 20 degrees, the pipes froze and broke sending an unnecessary headache for firefighters.

"That's a three thousand dollar pump and we probably got five to six hundred dollars worth of plumbing that is damaged. Just because they want to have a good time and be malicious about stuff," Ellis said.

The damaged truck carries 1,200 gallons of water and firefighters say it's designed to go off road to fight brush fires. According to Ellis, they could have needed this truck these past few days because the risk of a fire starting is high right now.

"As dry as we are right now, the other day we had the wind, Christmas day, we could have very well needed that truck and several more if we had a grass fire," Ellis said.

They are still trying to figure out who possibly could have done this but it also brought to light that more security cameras are needed.

"I got cameras out up front to cover it but they don't cover this edge of the station. Hopefully within the next week or so, I'm going to try to figure out how to get more cameras to secure it up," Ellis said. "It's really frustrating to us because we do our best out here for nothing. We pitch in money of our own pocket just to keep things going. People coming in and doing stuff like this, there's no reason for it. It's frustrating, this is about the fourth or fifth time this year we've been vandalized."

If you would like to help out the department with any donations or any way that you can or know who may have done the vandalism, you can call their office here the number is 432-381-3033.