Shoppers Returning Unwanted Christmas Gifts

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Perhaps you asked Saint Nick for something in particular this year. Instead you got something that wasn't even on your list. The day after Christmas is the day to exchange those unflattering Christmas gifts.

"I returned the Pitch Perfect movie," , Target shopper, Brittany Hodges, said.

"I was returning some wrapping paper," Target shopper, Erin Mannix, said.

People have been making their way to Target in Odessa exchanging those gifts they really don't care for. Target Store Manager, Orion Peter, tells NewsWest 9 people have been exchanging items since doors opened on Wednesday morning. He says they always work with the customer to make sure they are happy with their purchases, especially during the holidays.

"We want to make sure our guests have the right Christmas present, the right present for the holidays. Typically, they bring in what they want to return, we look it over and make sure it was purchased here first of all, make sure that it is something that we carry in our store, usually we find a way to return it for them," Peter said.

When returning a gift, a receipt is preferred, but Peter says they will work with you in case you have misplaced it.

"If it was purchased with a gift card, we can look it up that way, if it was purchased with a credit card, we can look it up that way as well. If it was purchased with cash and they don't have a receipt, all we can do is put it on a gift card," Peter said.

Peter tells NewsWest 9 they exchange just about anything but there are some exceptions to this policy.

"If you don't have a receipt and the item is over $75, typically we can't do that without authorization. A lot of times with like an i-Tunes or some sort of gift card of, it's been used, it won't allow us to return," Peter said.

When returning or exchanging something always make sure all parts are in the box. Most unopened items have a 60-day return policy and Target reserves the right to deny refunds for opened packages. Electronics items have a 45-day return policy, and the clock starts December 26 for purchases purchased since November first.