Three Families Give Foster Kids a Christmas Surprise

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - While most people are spending time with their families this Christmas, the foster kids at High Sky Children's Ranch aren't as fortunate.

But on Tuesday, three local families made their Christmas morning a little brighter.

Christmas morning at High Sky Children's Ranch was filled with excitement and pure happiness from dozens of children, all looking for a family to call their own.

"They were up probably around 6:00 this morning and ready to open gifts, looking around asking, did 'Santa come, how did Santa get in the house?'" Staff member, Rita Sims, said. "I said 'oh we let him in through the back door.'"

Their mission statement says it all: Healing abused children and promoting family wholeness.

Sims said they try to make the holiday as normal as possible for these kids who they consider their own.

"Of course it's hard because they're not with their own families, their own parents, however I think that we give them a sense of peace, relief, joy and happiness," Sims said.

The wrapping paper was still on the floor when the kids and teenagers got another surprise. Three local families wanted to join in on the spirit of giving.

The Rivas, Juarez and Couldridge families went to the ranch to donate toys, clothes and something even more valuable, their time.

"When different families come out and spend that little time with kids, that makes them feel really good, that makes them feel important," Sims said.

The kids eyes lit up at the sight of Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, games and more.

"One little girl for example, she said all I want is socks," Simona Rivas, who is with one of the families, said.

Some teens tossed around a new football while another child with a love for music was shocked when she was handed a guitar.

"She just didn't know how to receive it, she wants to be a star one day," Rivas said. "She came here with nothing and she's just very appreciative that she just got something that she's always wished for."

Rivas said it was a bittersweet moment to be a part of.

"To me, it was very touching and it was very heartbreaking to know that these kids do not have their mom and dad for one, and they don't have their siblings, they're separated," Rivas said. "These kids, all they need is a hug."

Sims says that's all it takes to make a difference.

"This is what God put us here to do and we try to do our best," Sims said.

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