Locals Flock To Stores For Last Minute Shopping

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Many West Texans are in the spending spirit for last minute gifts. It's just hours away till Christmas day and those who haven't completed purchasing their gifts flock to the mall to buy those last minute presents.

"That's the gist of last minute shopping, you just got to get what you get," last minute shopper, Tarshina Belcher, said.

It happens every year and retailers are hoping to bank by inciting shoppers with hot deals of 40% off, 50% off and buy one, get one free offers.

"We always wait for the last minute shoppers," one retail associate, said.

Hundreds of people walking in and out of stores at Midland Park Mall with bags in their hands. A Consumer Report says an estimated 17 million people will shop on Christmas Eve. They also say 62% of people will grab a gift card for a last minute gift, 27% will give cash, 15% will give a bottle of wine or liquor and four percent of people said they would hand out an IOU for a present.

But why the last minute shopping?

"Kind of been a little lazy but I mean last minute is always fun. The hustle and bustle is always fun," Belcher said.

That hustle and bustle could be good news for the economy, holiday sales this year are expected to top $586 billion.