Midland Firefighters Prepare for Trip to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A group of Midland firefighters are bringing Texas hospitality to victims of Hurricane Sandy this week.

The men are part of a emergency management group that's headed to the East coast to help those affected by the storm.

Battalion Chief Vincent Hancock is a firefighter and a part time ER nurse at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Helping people in crisis is his passion. So when the opportunity came to assist residents affected by Hurricane Sandy, naturally, he wanted to help.

"I'm really excited about this opportunity," Hancock said. "I feel very honored."

Hancock and two other Midland firefighters will be going to New York on Wednesday as part of the Lone Star Incident Management team.

"We're like their point of contact so all their agencies will go through us and then we will make sure the resources get distributed to the people that need it," Hancock said.

They're relieving the New York Incident Management team.

The group will be working alongside the National Guard to aid citizens in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island for three weeks.

"To have New York call on Texas for help, I think, speaks volumes of the people in Texas," Hancock said.

Nearly two months after the storm, Hancock said there are still about 11,000 people without power.

We're told many of them won't leave their homes for fear of looters but a winter storm could change that.

"That's a lot of the people we'll be helping," Hancock said. "There will be door to door daily checks with these people to make sure they have food, water and blankets."

It's been a frustrating time for these New Yorkers but Hancock is hoping he and his coworkers will be able to change that.

"I think with our Texas personalities and hospitality, I think they're gonna welcome us," Hancock said.