Exclusive: Family, Friends Gather for Prayer Vigil for Missing Colorado City Teen Hailey Dunn

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - Family and friends gathered in Colorado City Saturday for a prayer vigil to honor missing teen Hailey Dunn. Next week marks two years since the teen was last seen, just a few days after Christmas.

As they decorate a Christmas tree with lights and orange ribbons, they are momentums of hope for heavy hearts.

"The vigil we have in December that marks her anniversary the day she went missing and Christmas, it's just really tough on everybody. December is always a bad month," Billie Dunn.

She's talking about her daughter, Hailey Dunn, who went missing two years ago. A vigil was held Saturday at Ruddick Park in Colorado City to honor the teen.

"Yesterday was really hard on me, coming up here for another vigil," Dunn said.

Having one vigil after another is taking a toll on this mother.

"I'm ready for Hailey to be home. Each time we think she'll be home for the next vigil, make it a celebration party," Dunn said.

Dunn hopes that thought will soon become a reality as the FBI is re-interviewing people who may lead them to crack the case.

"The FBI themselves are actually conducting interviews, I think that's going to be a good start," Dunn said.

As she awaits for that light of hope to shine through her darkness, she holds on to her son and those close to her to keep her going. Searching for answers and searching for leads.

"I've got good friends and family," Dunn said.

If you spot Hailey Dunn, you are asked to call the Colorado City Police Department at 325-728-5294 or the FBI anonymous hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST.