Illustrator Defending Controversial Cartoon In Local Paper

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - A drawing printed in a Monahans newspaper is stirring up controversy. The sketch has been interpreted differently by some. It has a sign asking murdering psychopaths to come into their schools and open fire. The publisher, Smokey Briggs, is defending his controversial drawing that he made and that has everyone talking.

"The sign says dear murdering psychopaths, our children are inside this building. No one inside has anything better than a stapler to defend them with. Enjoy," Smokey Briggs, Editor/Publisher of Monahans News & Pecos Enterprise, said.

That statement has caused comment after comment on social media. People are upset over the drawing printed in the local paper in Monahans and in Pecos. NewsWest 9 spoke to it's publisher who actually drew the picture to find out what's his reason for the cartoon.

"The meaning is that right now, as far as I'm concerned we have our children everyday, we take them to that school house all over Texas, or all in the United States, and stake them out like sacrificial lambs completely undefended. We know that there is a threat we just had that horribly brought to our attention in Connecticut," Briggs said.

Briggs says he doesn't want to see a tragedy like that happen in his community, which he says is the point of his drawing. But some say it should have been illustrated in a different way. Many took to NewsWest 9's Facebook page to vent out.

"This cartoon is just inappropriate period. It never should of been posted if the editor wanted to state that we needed more school police, then he should just say it. Not post a distasteful pathetic cartoon picture," Joshua Smith wrote.

"It was very distasteful," Stephanie Pena wrote

"Think it was meant as a fight for protection for the children. Obviously intended for the government rather than the crazies," BJ Elkins said. "Point could have been made in a much clearer, tasteful way for sure."

"I don't think it's an invitation, I think what it is the truth. The invitation is already tacked on the door, this just points it out," Briggs said.

According to Briggs, his message is more of a wake up call that something has to be done.

"This creates conversation. I hope this gets people to thinking just how ridiculous our current policies are regarding handguns or any type of firearms in schools," Briggs said.

Briggs said if teachers are trusted with children at schools they should also be trusted to carry a gun at school to protect them. He also mentioned his article and drawing appeared on the opinion section of both papers.