Christmas Comes a Little Bit Early For Some Big Spring Families

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Even in a booming economy, there are some families that have a hard time making ends meet. The Angel Tree Program helps make Christmas a little bit brighter for those in need.

On Thursday, families lined up at the distribution center to receive not only toys and clothes but a food basket too. Parents told NewsWest 9 what this extra little gift will mean to their little ones.

"It's gonna brighten up their day and I am sure that they are gonna have a wonderful Christmas," David Gonzales, recipient of Angel Tree gifts, said.

"They are going to be real happy, especially my little one," Jennifer Salinas, recipient of Angel Tree gifts, said.

One by one, families came to the Salvation Army Distribution Center with a letter in their hand which guaranteed their children were going to have a Christmas after all.

Major Debra Chambless with the Big Spring Salvation Army says it takes several months to put this event together and says even though we are in a booming economy, there are still some people going through some tough times.

"There have been some that have come to us that have had some disasters. We've had a few families that have separated, have had some difficult times fall upon them and need a little extra help this Christmas season," Chambless said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to some local families and they said they were going through tough times, therefore they decided to reach out to a helping hand. One of those was Jennifer Salinas, a mother of seven, with children ranging from ages two through 11. She describes how their Christmas would have been without the Angel Tree Program.

"Probably not that good, honestly, because I don't make a lot of money. I really don't work so, it's kinda hard," Salinas said.

Chambless says all the clothes, food and toys donated to the Angel Tree Program is a testament of the kind hearted people that live in Big Spring.

"People open their hearts especially when they hear there is a need. They came and provided for them so as a community we work together very well," Chambless said.

As parents were making their way out with their gifts, they told NewsWest 9 they feel blessed to be part of a community that looks after each other.

"It's a blessing for this program to make it for people who are struggling and having a hard time right now," Gonzales said.

"They are caring and they do care about the children here in Big Spring," Salinas said.