School District, Police Department React to Bomb Threat Hoax in Big Spring

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Monday's fake bomb threat call to the Big Spring High School campus had officers rushing to the High School and although it was only hoax, both the police department and the School Administration acted as if it was the real deal.

To keep from a mass panic, students were told a fire drill was being conducted, but in reality a bomb threat had been called to the Big Spring Police Department. A man in a whispering voice said a bomb was inside the high school.

"Once officers were there, the school was evacuated. They began a systematic search for any type of devices that were in the school. None were found and students later returned back to class. In the end, it was a false report," Everett said.

Everett told NewsWest 9 how they are tracking the person or persons involved in making the false bomb threat.

"The 911 call showed to be from a dead cell phone, which is a cell phone that was active at one time, but it's no longer active through a cell phone company. These phones can still dial 911, we are looking at that aspect of it to see how we can trace that phone, find out who was using it then we will proceed with prosecution," Everett said.

Assistant Superintendent Danny Ferrel says after Monday's incident, they will change the way parents are notified any time they encounter a situation like they did on Monday.

"In the future, parents will be notified after the drill, some of them saw it on Facebook, so they called up here some of them were very pleasant asked us if we could notify them in the future if it was a bomb and that makes sense to us," Ferrel said.

Sgt. Everett says anyone who makes a false threat towards a school will be charged with a state jail felony, which means if convicted they may have to pay a fine, face imprisonment or both.