ECISD Increasing Security This Week

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The deadly shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut is causing concern in schools across the country, including here in the Basin. The tragedy is now prompting one local school district is tighten up security on all of its campuses.

Ector County Independent School District Police Chief Mark Rowden says they're reviewing all of their security measures, and even though it's top secret, he reassures students are safe at school.

Schools around the country are reviewing security plans, adding extra law enforcement patrols and readying counselors for the first day of classes since a shooting massacre at an elementary school in Connecticut and that's no different for schools in Ector County.

"Since Friday we have increased officer presence on every campus," Rowden said.

Rowden says they are making schools this week as safe as they can make it, giving a peace of mind for students, parents and teachers.

"Alleviate the fears of the children to help them to feel more safe especially during these initial stages after the Connecticut incident," Rowden said.

He says in his police department, he has a number of people that are specialists and experts regarding whenever a school shooting situation occurs. They're currently reviewing all their procedures among other safety measures.

"We have other technologies. We do have many that are in place here some that we again don't talk about," Rowden said.

Some of the other types of preparations are drills and lockdowns.

"It's extremely important that parents understand that their kids coming to school in ECISD, they are safe because we have the procedures in place, we have the training in place," Rowden said.

All school districts are asking parents and local citizens to be on alert for any suspicious behavior in and around school areas.