Prosecutors Speak Out After Guilty Verdict in Victor White Trial

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The trial of Victor White in Ector County ended Friday with a guilty verdict. He's the man who was involved in a 22 hour standoff with law enforcement officials two years ago. Not only was White found guilty on all six charges he was facing, he will also be spending the rest of his life in prison.

The jury returned the verdict after a three day trial and less than two hours of deliberations.

"He's going to spend the rest of his life in prison and that's exactly where he belongs. This jury made sure he paid for his crimes," Ector County District Attorney, Bobby Bland, said.

During the three day trial, numerous pieces of evidence was shown and several witnesses took the stand including Steven McNeill, one of the Ector County Sheriff's officers shot by White.

"Just re-living the event itself. The outcome was good because I'm still here. It was a miraculous chance of survival but I wasn't alone out there. God is out there with us," McNeil said.

McNeil had the most injuries from that 22 hour standoff on White's property two years ago, injuries that would change McNeill's life forever.

"It took out part of that scull and had to remove that part and replace it with a titanium plate and where it fractured the scull, they had to put rib bits in it," McNeill said. "The recovery was the most painful, probably the most pain I have ever experience, some of the side effects I have is the ringing in my head the moment the bullet impacted, I had that ever since," McNeil said.

During the course of the trial, White asked to represent himself and later was denied after he refused to sign a waiver stating he won't have an attorney. White also stated in court that he never directly shot at anyone, however, prosecutors say otherwise.

"When he took the stand, he was clearly, he was lying. He refused to take responsibility for his actions. He was basically being a coward. Which he was doing that day too, he was hiding behind rocks and shooting at people," Bland said.

A scuffle broke out after the verdict was handed down, White was making comments to sheriff deputies who were sitting right behind him.

White's last words to the jury were: "Jury I don't blame you for anything."

The defendant team was seeking probation instead of a jail sentence, however that did not come about.

White was sentenced life in prison on all four counts of attempted capital murder charges, 20 years for attempted murder charge and 20 years for aggravated assault charges.