"El Diablo" Indicted on Eight Charges

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

"El Diablo," the man behind the threats made to local law enforcement was in Federal Court on Thursday.

Jacob Esparza was indicted on eight charges and we've learned just exactly what he threatened.

Jacob Esparza, better known as "El Diablo," has been formally charged with using the Internet to threaten the lives of several law enforcement agents.

Esparza used the social forum website "Topix," that's where he made some pretty horrendous threats.

One threat was made towards Sergeant Armando Garcia with the Pecos Police Department.

Esparza offered up a reward for Garcia's head and threatened to send Special Forces to "make soup of him."

Another threat was made towards Sergeant Ben Chavez.

Esparza threatened to cut his head off and feed it to his dogs, saying Chavez would be dead at the end of the year with the rest of his family.

He also demanded Midland Police Chief Price Robinson resign or his family would be murdered on video and he would kidnap his daughter.

"El Diablo" goes on to threaten to kill all police officers in Fort Stockton using bombs, chemical weapons and large weapons.

Then he posted violent YouTube videos saying "I don't want to play checkers anymore. I want to start playing chess. Here we go."

"El Diablo" posted these threats back during the week of November 9th.

One IP address used to make the threats was traced to an Apple store in El Paso. Another address was traced across the Border in Juarez and the IP address he used to post the YouTube videos was from the Fort Stockton Public Library.

Esparza was captured on November 28 in Pecos while sleeping in his car at a Flying J truck stop.

Authorities found books on combat war and hazardous materials in his possession.

He also tried to get his hands on radium, plutonium and uranium.

The U.S. District Clerk in Pecos tells NewsWest 9, Esparza will have a scheduling order either on Friday or Monday.