New Details Emerge About Ector County Inmate Accused of Threatening a School with a Bomb Threat

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9

MARLIN, TEXAS- Law enforcement is now pointing fingers at 18-year-old Willie Solomon II as the man responsible for creating a huge disruption on Monday at an elementary school in Marlin, Texas, near Waco.

Solomon is currently locked up at the Ector County Detention Center.

The Marlin Police Department believes he used his inmate pin number to dial out a bomb threat to Marlin Elementary School in the early afternoon on Monday, prompting a full evacuation of students and staff.

"Although he denies making the phone call, we've got his voice on the recording because all inmate calls are recorded. We've also got video of him making the phone call," Detective Rob Douglas with the Marlin Police Department, said.

Solomon is no stranger to the authorities. He was arrested in connection to an early October shooting outside of the MCM Elegante hotel in Odessa. The victim of that attack, Curtis Johnson, was struck in the arm and remained critical condition for days.

NewsWest 9 has learned that Solomon has previously been charged with making terroristic threats. It is unknown at this time if those alleged threats were similar in nature to the threat made on Monday.

The Marlin Police Department is currently in charge of the full investigation surrounding this school bomb threat.

"We will not tolerate bomb threats of any type. Each and every threat will be dealt with. Charges will be filed and somebody will go to jail," Douglas said.