Thefts and Burglaries Spike During The Holidays

By Sylvia Gonzalez

Newswest 9

Odessa - The holidays should be a time of happiness and sharing but, unfortunately some like to take what doesn't belong to them. Christmas time is when burglaries and thefts spike.

"What's unusual about this year is not only have we seen it during the holidays we have been seeing it throughout the year so its not just now but throughout the year," Sherri Carruth Spokesperson with the Odessa Police Department.

Carruth tells us this year they have kept busy tending to the numerous burglary and robbery calls, and says our good economy has become a double edged sword.

"Our booming economy is good in a way that people are employed and people are out shopping and entertaining and at the same time it also gives those who are out there that make a living being a thief that just ups their opportunity so they start stealing more," Carruth said.

She says sometimes people are more distracted with their phones and are not watchful of their surroundings.

"One of the biggest things I see now, I am thinking how can you know what's going on if you are walking around and you are on your phone or you are standing around waiting on someone and you are texting, you are too preoccupied with what's in your hand you are not paying attention to what's around you," Carruth said.

Carruth says there is no method that is 100 percent proof, she offered some helpful recommendations for homeowners. Lock your doors, lock your windows and although an alarm system won't prevent a burglary it makes it harder.Carruth also has some advice for business owners.

"Careful who they hire and who they leave as managers of their businesses and the money that they keep in their place and like I said having a security cameras is really a big plus," Carruth said.

As both Carruth and this Odessa resident Ruben Gutierrez tells us we should all be like a cat during the holidays.

" Quick like reflexes, maybe on your toes and be self aware," Gutierrez said.

Carruth mentioned if plan on doing some shopping during the evening, always make sure you take someone with you, and don't forget to lock your car.