BBB Sending Out Warning on Phishing Emails

Josh Navarro

Newswest 9

MIDLAND- Sneaky crooks are at it again this holiday season trying to steal your personal information and identity straight from your computer. This time they are masking themselves as the Better Business Bureau, however the agency says it's a malicious scam.

"Actually searches your computer for social security numbers, driver license numbers, banking information," Regional BBB Director, Tyler Patton, said.

If a person clicks the link on the email it'll download a virus, a sneaky way crooks will collect your personal information. Patton says the masterminds behind this scam are masking themselves as the agency.

"Scammers are using the BBB trusted name sending out emails with that in the email address," Patton said.

The emails states that the BBB is investigation a complaint against them or their business, but Patton says it's not true.

"Its a scam that has happened before, this is more of a re-carnation of it, if you will," Patton said. "The BBB is working diligently to shut it down again."

Patton says the people behind the scam usually score during the holidays.

"Scammers are trying to steal people's money and identity so yeah it makes perfect sense that's happening now," Patton said.

The Better Business Bureau says there's been many people who have already fallen to the fake attack.

If you receive this type of email do not respond to it, contact the BBB at 432-563-0213 or forward the email to