New Details Released About An Odessa Doctor Charged In A Conspiracy To Sell Meth And Painkillers

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9
ODESSA- On Friday, two more names were unsealed in the federal indictment involving an Odessa doctor, Dr. Barrett Doyle Whitefield, D.O., and his connection to a drug distribution ring.
Matthew Woodside and Amanda Glenn were unveiled in the indictment. In addition to Glenn, Woodside and Whitefield, the names which have been unsealed from the indictment include Michael Handlon, Christina Barfield, Megan Maner and Cynthia Constnazo. An eighth and final name is still sealed.
All eight individuals are charged with conspiring to intentionally sell both methamphetamine and hydrocodone painkillers.
Dr. Whitefield practices family medicine in Odessa. Since news of his charge was announced on Thursday, his patients and friends have been reporting on NewsWest 9's facebook page how stunned they are over the matter.
Odessan Fabrienne Kendall takes her son to see Dr. Whitefield. She tells us, "I was just in complete shock." She claims he's a great physician and the best one she's discovered in the city. "This is not in his character," she adds.
On Thursday, Dr. Whitefield surrendered himself to U.S. Marshals Service inside the Midland federal courthouse. He was released a few hours later on a $10,000 unsecured bond and will be arraigned next Tuesday.
The Drug Enforcement Administration tells us that Dr. Whitefield can practice medicine for the time being. However, he can only write prescriptions for drugs that are not controlled, like antibiotics and blood pressure medication. The DEA also reports that the Texas Medical Board is doing its own investigation into the matter.
NewsWest 9 attempted to talk to Dr. Whitefield at his office in the Eastridge Center, a strip mall. However, the door was locked and nobody responded to our knocks.