Astronomers Discover What Could Be Largest Black Hole Yet

By Staff Report

NewsWest 9

FORT DAVIS - Astronomers at the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis have discovered what could be the largest black hole yet, it is roughly the size of 17 billion suns.

The galaxy where it was found is about 220 million light-years away in the Constellation Perseus.

Its only 10 percent of the size of our Milky Way and NewsWest 9 is told it is a strange place for the black whole to be.

The black hole is unusually large and takes up most of the galaxy itself and it could even be an entirely new type of black hole system. The observatory team found five others like it.

This discovery could lead astronomers to make adjustments in their theory about how galaxies and black holes grow together.

If you were wondering they are able to see just how big the black holes are, it's by watching how fast the stars around them move the faster the movement the larger the object they are orbiting.