Tenants Of Midland Apartment Complex Closer To 30-Day Notice Deadline

By Staff Report

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tenants the Ocotillo Apartments in Midland were given a 30-day notice to get out after an oilfield business bought the joint.

Friday is the deadline but, owners say they're in no rush to kick anyone out.

Especially with the holidays here it's an awful situation, but the manager for Main Street-Santa Anna says they don't want anyone to be homeless because of this.

They've already been in talks with the Midland Housing Authority to help three of their disabled tenants.

As for the other residents, NewsWest 9 is told if they're still there by December 21St the owners will help them find a home even, if that means financially.

The oilfield business is expected to take over by the end of December or early January.