Name Released In Fatal McCammey Train Wreck

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MCCAMEY - We now have the name of the driver who died in a fatal wreck in McCamey yesterday.

29-year-old Kimberly Martinez who was an Upton County probation officer was behind the wheel when she crashed into this train.

We're told she was headed North on Annis Street when she ran a stop sign at Fourth street.

She somehow hit a telephone pole went into a side skid which then caused her to hit a parked railway car.

Martinez died at the scene.


UPDATE: We have new information tonight on fatal wreck in Mccamey involving a train.

We're told the driver hit a telephone pole and then drove into parked railway cars.

The driver did not survive the wreck.


MCCAMEY - A terrifying wreck in Mccamey Thursday evening was caught by one of our viewers.

We're told this is in the area of East 4th street.

It looks like a car actually ran into a train.

We're still working to get you more details on the wreck.