Gas Line Explosion In Goldsmith

By Staff Report

NewsWest 9

UPDATE: Senior captain Kevin Jackson of Odessa Fire and Rescue says, at 6pm they were dispatched to a possible explosion.

They found a pipeline that ruptured causing a large fireball 2-250 feet high. They contacted the owner of the pipeline---West Texas Gas; they then shut down the valve and stopped the flow of fuel.

The fire burned itself out at 7:30 PM. A welding shop also burned down.

Odessa Fire and Rescue, West Odessa Fire Volunteers, Goldsmith, TEX-DOT, DPS, and Oncor were all on the scene.

12 to 15 utility poles were destroyed by rock and debris. Electrical lines were on the ground, but they're no longer energized.

A witness said the explosion area looked like the moon---rocks in the road were the size of bowling balls.

The command has been passed to West Odessa who will stay and observe to make sure that no grass fires spark up.

No homes were evacuated and portions of 158 are closed so that the debris can be swept off the roads.


UPDATE: Some Goldsmith residents are without power, and are being told they may not get it back until tomorrow.


UPDATE: Goldsmith Explosion Update: Crews are saying that what they are dealing with now is the residual burn off, good news, but still a very dangerous situation.


UPDATE: We're hearing that a welding shop, near the gas plant, has caught fire. Welding tools and oxygen tanks are reportedly inside.


UPDATE: Heading to the scene, Jen Kastner is reporting that she can see the fire from 7 miles out.


UPDATE: Goldsmith Explosion Update: All personnel are accounted for and no injuries have been reported, according to scanner traffic.


UPDATE: According to scanner traffic, a line broke next to the highway, around 158 and 866.


NewsWest 9 is hearing scanner traffic describing an "explosion" on 158 and 866 in Goldsmith,

just south of a plant in the area. We'll bring you more information as we get it