Local Creates Monument For Veterans Killed In Train Tragedy

Josh Navarro

Newswest 9

MIDLAND- One local man is using his talents to honor the four veterans killed by that train tragedy. He's creating a monument weighing more than a thousand pounds and is expected to be placed at the crash site.

A six sentence prayer is at the top and the names of the four veterans killed from that train crash will be engraved on this limestone to be set at the site where it all happened.

"On November 15 our heavenly father received four heroes from this spot," an excerpt of the prayer made by Petroscribe Owner, Homer Ellinger. "I just immediately kicked my imagination into gear and said I need to come up with something to commemorate the event because its so tragic."

Ellinger made a small memorial out of the lime stone and placed it at the crash site, but when he was doing that he got inspired to do something bigger one. A monument that will be five feet tall and four feet wide. An inspiration he says that came from a higher power...

"It just came to me, god was speaking to me, one night I was laying in bed, I was thinking about it and it just came to me and I put it down on paper the next day and decided to do it says," Ellinger said.

Sergeant Major Lawrence Boivin, Active Duty Chief Warrant Officer Gary Stouffer, Sergeant Major William Lubbers and Retired Army Sergeant Joshua Michael, their names will appear below the prayer.

Ellinger says he has love and respect for soldiers because they have done so much for the country. He hopes this thousand pound monument will help in the healing process.

"It hit my heart heavy and I know many others, affected a lot more than me . So I thought it was the least I could do to try to commemorate the event like I said, maybe help heal a little bit," Ellinger said.

He still has to touch base with the City of Midland before placing it at the crash site and hopes it'll be there for everyone to see by next week.

The prayer engraved says: On November 15th 2012 our Father in Heaven received four heroes from this spot. There are very few if any more deserving of his comforting presence. We all long for the day that we will be with you in Heaven for eternity. Father please wrap your loving arms around those involved or affected and their families. Please Lord help us all to heal from this pain and sadness.