More Children Are Seen In Shelters

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

Odessa - In 2011, the Crisis Center reported having housed 127 women and 164 children, this year will the center has seen 11 more women and 18 more children,and  the year is not over.

According to Chuck Hornung Executive Director of the center it all has to do with awareness.

"They are bringing them younger and that's what we are seeing at the shelter right now we have the little ones,Hornung said"

According to Chuck Hornung Executive Director of the Crisis Center in Odessa, awareness is one reason why they have seen a steady increase of moms bringing their little ones to the shelter. He says moms from all demographics bring their children to the shelter hoping to end the cycle of abuse.

"Young ladies today these young women that are there, they're realizing that its not their fault they're saying there is another way and my children are not going to see this,"Hornung said.

Hornung tells NewsWest 9 with more people moving into the basin due to the boom, unfortunately many of them bring their problems as well.

"Unfortunately whatever was troubling the family before they left home came with them and so they brought this to the Permian basin and now we are seeing the ramifications of that," Hornung said.

He says in years past women would put up with abuse until their children were older so the family wouldn't be broken apart, nowadays more moms will do anything they can to stop the vicious cycle of abuse

"Mom may have up and left the kids, they were older, they had a choice, she is bringing them now," Hornung said.

If you would like more information on the programs the crisis center has to offer, You can call this number 335-2527.