Big Spring Woman Charged with Child Abandonment

Staff Report
NewsWest 9/KBYG/Mike Henry

BIG SPRING - A Big Spring woman is charged with child abandonment/endangerment. Police responded after a concerned resident saw a young child wandering down the sidewalk Monday afternoon. 33-year-old Brenda Luna Valdivia was arrested.

The young child was seen walking with two dogs around 3:30 Monday afternoon. Sgt. Tony Everett says the officers arrived on the scene and talked with the child who is about 4-years-old, only learning the child's mom's first name, "Brenda".

Officers got on their computer and after doing some searching, came up with a possible address that took them to a nearby home on Wood Street. That's where police found the child's mother, interviewed her, and discovered that she may have been intoxicated.

The woman told officers her child couldn't have been away for more than 15 minutes, but officers had already been involved around 45 minutes at the time they were interviewing the mother.

33-year-old Brenda Luna Valdivia was arrested on the scene and charged with abandonment / endangering a child / negligence.

The child was unharmed and is being taken care of by someone else.  CPS is also investigating.