Parade Organizer Disperses Donation Money To Train Accident Victims

By Jen Kastner
NewsWest 9
MIDLAND- Within just one hour of November 15th's deadly train accident, donations started pouring in on the Show of Support website.
Terry Johnson, born and raised in the Tall City, started the Show of Support organization nearly a decade ago.
"To honor the men and women who keep us free from terror," he tells us.
Since the accident, he and his organizers have collected more than $400,000 in financial donations from folks all around the country.
"We want to get these victims some money really quickly, [like] within the next ten days to two weeks. They have immediate needs that need to be met. We've got the holidays coming up," he adds.
100% of the donations will go towards those immediately affected by the accident. With the help of an attorney who specializes in these types of situations, Show of Support has determined that 60% of the donations will go to the families of the four men who died.
"The other 40% will be divided up by those that are injured. The best thing we could come up with was [dispersing that money based on the number of] days spent in the hospital," says Johnson.
Show of Supports says it will continue it's annual Hunt for Heroes event, although next year's will likely be without a parade.
"A parade is probably going to be too painful for us and for [those involved]. I'm sure we will alter our plans a little bit for the most part we're going to run our program like we've always run it," Johnson adds.
If you'd like to donate to Show of Support, visit