New Midland Memorial Hospital Showed Off

Josh Navarro

Newswest 9

MIDLAND- Locals were able to see the new Midland Memorial Hospital Scharbauer Tower Sunday. Hospital officials say it was a long time coming, they held an open house to the public.

"We started planning this in 2006, so we're over six years in the making now and almost three years in construction. and two weeks away from moving patients in and getting started in using this beautiful new place," Midland Memorial Hospital CEO, Russell Meyers, said.

The nine story hospital has a upscale hotel type ambience with a two-story foyer where guests will be greeted. Patients here will get the most outstanding medical attention according to hospital officials.

"The rooms are bigger they're much nicer, the technology is greater," Meyers said.

In each room a grand view of the outdoors. The sixth floor is the medical and pediatrics unit. It has a place where children can feel comfortable while they wait for the doctor.

"We have physical therapy in the orthopedic unit now, the emergency is doubled in size and much easier to get to," Meyers said.

Each floor is decked out with a family waiting area with lounge chairs and a view. The gift shop is illuminated with bright red colors. Across from that, a coffee shop for those who are staying long hours at the hospital.

The hospital will have a market place with various nutritional foods to select and sit down in a posh type dinning area.

The vibrant walls and pictures are not only there for decoration hospital officials say its there to help in the healing process.

"It's going to be a dramatic difference," Meyers said.

A chapel is included inside the foyer, and we also got a look at the hospital's central nervous system and where security will be stationed at.

Outside is an area to relax and to take a load off with water falls in the area.

The hospital has a price tag of 175 million dollars the patients will start to move in on December 19th.